It's hard to believe that LIVIA has a past of heavy industry.  Today it's a large green space criss-croosed with paths and teeming with walkers, joggers, cyclists and dog walkers.

The National Cycling Academy (NCA) is just one of the organisations that use and love LIVIA, Running Bikeability, learn to ride sessions, led cycle rides and summer cycle camps from the site.

"The site is just perfect for us," explains Claire from the NCA.  "Obviously it's off road which is ideal for people who might be scared about cycling on busy roads, so coming here to cycle is a perfect first step form many.  It's also really family friendly - everyone can come out together, no matter what their age or ability.  We actually get a lot of people coming to our sessions who wouldn't normally get on their bikes but this area does seem to attract them, which is great."

Summers of Cycling

One of the great successes has been the NCA's summer cycle camps.  Claire continues, "Our summer cycle camps are brilliant!  We cycle round the site and do treasure hunts, play games and so on.  The camps last pretty much the whole summer and the children never get bored.  Even when we suggest doing something else, something other than cycling, they don't want to, they just want to be on their bikes".

Oliver, also from the NCA, takes up the story.  "These summer camps are also a great  way to get local children out and about, experiencing nature...and all in their back yard more or less.  We get kids coming back year after year and they tell us that they bring their friends and family down here too, showing them the places they've discovered with us.

Location Location Location

Accessibility is a huge plus point for LIVIA

"It's close to lots of areas.  It joins Swinton, Whitefield, Prestwich, all the surrounding areasWith Clifton Marina on one side and Drinkwater Park on the other, it really does connect everything together."

"I lover that it's so central, so close to many areas," says Claire "but when you're here you feel like you're in the middle of nowhere."

So good is the site that Oliver and Claire use the site outside of their work at the NCA.  "I come down here when I'm not working", explains Oliver.  "I've never really been massively in to downhill mountain biking, but since the red routes have been put in place, I really enjoy them.  They're a great addition to the park, there's more to do, explore, to work on your's a different aspect to cycling."