Brickfields before Newlands

The history of Brickfields is heavily linked to industry.  Ibstock Brick Ltd - known locally as Roughdales - is located on part of the site along with the Lord St Helens landfill site, owned by Ibstock Brick and operated by Cory Environmental.

Groundwork St Helens and the Forestry Commission had already carried out some work on the site and Buff Quarry, to the north, had been grassed over and had  trees planted.  However, there was no overall management of the site and it suffered from anti social behaviour, including motorbike and air gun use.

Close to the A57 and with a main rail link running across the top of the site, Brickfields has good transport links.  It was close to the residential areas of Marshall's Cross, Sutton Manor, Sutton Heath and Sutton Leach as well as the Lea Green Business Park and Sutton Leisure Centre.


What Newlands did at Brickfields

- Brickfields was transformed with multi-purpuse leisure trails, wildflower meadows and wetland habitats

Thanks to the Newlands programme, Brickfields was transformed with multi purpose leisure trails, wildflower meadows and wetland habitats.  Footpaths, cycleways and bridleways were created to make Brickfields and its surroundings, more accessible.  Art installations and observation points were installed throughout the site.

Local residents and school children were also able to make their mark and helped to design features to create a more welcoming entrance.

Several community events were held at Brickfields over the course of the Newlands programme, to make sure that local people felt part of the project.


Brickfields today

- Brickfields makes up part of the Mersey Forest - the Community Forest for Merseyside and North Cheshire

The regeneration of Brickfields connected existing community woodlands in the area, with new woodland, hedges, grassland and wildlife areas.

The Forestry Commission is managing Brickfields over the long term.  It is hoped that the site will create a better environment for south St Helens and encourage people and investment opportunities in the area.