Moston Vale

Moston Vale before Newlands

Moston Vale lies in what was the Moston Brook valley.  The area was once the site of the Manchester Fever Hospital (1871-1973) and Manchester United - then Newton Heath FC, had their pitch a stones throw away.

During the Second World War, the area suffered serious bomb damage and in the late 1960's the site became a domestic landfill - the stream that once flowed through the site Moston Brook was covered and now runs 30ft underground.

The area had always been well used by residents - the Dogs Home and Riding Stables could be found on the site and a local youth football team, Mosten Valley Football Club had been set up.

However, parts of the site were severely neglected and anti-social behaviour (fly tipping and joy riding) had made the site an eyesore.  Subsidence caused manhole covers to stand proud and glass and other materials from the landfill had resurfaced.

Red Rose Forest, through their landfill restoration project, Green Tips, had been working at Moston Vale for some time - carrying out work to help secure the site and introduce the community back to the area, with various events and school activities.  However, significant investment was needed to expand this work across the whole project area.

What Newlands did at Moston Vale

- Moston Vale now provides many more benefits for the local community than it did as a closed landfill site and the improvements have created a quality setting for new investment.

Located at the heart of a residential area and next to the Central Park business complex, Moston Vale was valuable green space.  Thanks to Newlands, native woodland, wildflower meadows and a footpath that follows the route of the culverted river were created.  New solar pwered lighting along the Moston Valley Way and street trees also complemented the improvements made.

A new sports pitch for Moston Valley Football Club, along with changing facilities helped to establish the area as valuable recreation space.  Grant funding from Biffaward went towards additional facilities for sport and informal recreation.


Moston Vale today

- Moston Vale has some unique and stunning features - not leat the solar powered lighting along the "blue path".

Moston Vale has been transformed into a practical, attractive landscape.  Community involvement, enhanced security, management and maintenance will prevent the site becoming neglected in the future.

Moston Vale has some unique and stunning features- not least the solar powered lighting along the "blue path".  This not only looks fantastic, it brings an additional sense of security to the site at night.

The on-site football pitch and changing rooms provide a home for the local junior football team.  There are also regular events, organised by Groundwork, as well as a book that charts the history of the site.