Nutsford Vale

Nutsford Vale before Newlands

- Nutsford Vale was a former clay quarry

Nutsford Vale was a former clay quarry, known as Jackson's Clay Pit, in Gorton, south east Manchester and it was closed in the 1970's.  In the early 1980's the large hole left by the clay quarry was landfilled.  After this, the site became Matthews Lane Tip, before being capped and made safe.

Over time, the site became neglected and underused with no formal identity.  Used heavily as a local cut-through to local schools and shops, local residents felt the site was unsafe due to unsecured boundaries and a history of ant-social behaviour.  There had also been evidence of fly-tipping and motorbike use.

What Newlands did at Nutsford Vale

- Sensetive habitat managment also started, with woodland management and the removal of Japanese knotweed

Following funding from the Newlands programme, Matthews Lane Tip was transformed into Nutsford Vale.  The investment created a much needed green space for the local community.

New highly quality access points were designed to create a welcoming feel, with a well maintained network of paths, seating and bins.

There was a great deal of community involvement and fundraising - people really bought into the work going on at Nutsford Vale.  Interpretation was developed alongside the community, including local schools.  Sensitive habitat management also started, with woodland management and the removal of Japanese knotweed.

Nutsford Vale today

The local Friends of Nutsford Vale group continues to maintain and develop the site.  The whole project has led to a strong local authority that owns and manages the land, ensuring the long-term maintenance and management of Nutsford Vale